Government Part 4 : The President and His Roles and Responsibilities

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The President leads the government and is in charge of the Executive branch.
2. The President commands the military, deciding if and when to declare war.
3. Although the President is the commander and chief, he does not have to have military experience.
4. The President handles foreign affairs, meaning that he tries to keep peace with other countries.
5. The President carries out laws made by Congress.
6. The President must be 35 years old.
7. The President must be a natural born citizen.
8. The President is chosen every 4 years.
9. A person can run for president for 2 terms or 8 years.
10. A person must have lived in the United States for 14 years before running for President.
11. The President lives in the White House which is located in Washington DC.
12. The President can be a man or a woman.
13. The President must obey the law like anyone else.

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