Government Part 5
Important Documents
(The Declaration of Independence)

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1. Until the late 1700’s the 13 colonies were under the control of Great Britain(England).
2. The Declaration of Independence is a document that explained the colonies plan for democracy. It also listed all the ways that the king of Great Britain (England) wronged the colonist.
3. Thomas Jefferson wrote the Declaration of Independence.
4. The Declaration of Independence was written on July 4, 1776.
5. The Declaration of Independence was written in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania.
6. The Declaration of Independence was written because King George made unfair laws, had too many taxes, and told the colonist they couldn’t vote.
7. The American Revolution was a war that was fought to gain freedom from England. It lasted 6 years.

Important lines from The Declaration of Independence

· “ that all men are created equal”
This means that all people are made the same and should be treated equally.

· “that they are endowed by their Creator with certain unalienable rights”
This means God made us and we have certain rights.

Three unalienable rights listed in the Declaration of Independence

1. right to life
2. right to liberty
3. the pursuit of happiness

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