Government Part 6: The Bill of Rights

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Government Part 6
Important Documents-The US Constitution and The Bill of Rights

1. The US Constitution is a plan that organizes our country’s government.

2. It also describes the rights that the people of the United States have.

3. It tells about our basic principles of democracy.

4. The nickname for the Constitution is “The Supreme Law of the Land.”

5. In our state, we have a Louisiana Constitution. It is patterned after the US Constitution, and it lists our basic rights at the state level.

6. Writers of the Constitution knew that changes would need to made to it over time. A change made to the Constitution is called an amendment.

7. The first 10 changes were made to the Constitution in 1791. The 10 amendments are called The Bill of Rights.

8. The Bills of Rights list our basic rights and freedoms.

The 10 Bill of Rights are………

1. Freedom of Speech and Religion
Say what you want and worship how you want.
2. Militia and Arms
You can have a gun in your home.
3. No Quartered Soldiers
You don’t have to have military live in your home.
4. No Search and Seizure
No one can go through your things without permission.
5. Right to Due Process
Innocent until proven guilty.
6. Speedy Public Trial
Time limit to have a trial.
7. Right to a Jury
Citizens decide if you’re innocent or guilty.
8. No Cruel Punishment
No unnecessary force.
9. Basic Human Rights
Humans can do what they please with property.
10. Powers to the States
Each state can have their own government.

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