Government Part 7: Citizenship and Diplomacy

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Government Part 7
Citizenship and Diplomacy
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A citizen is a member of a political community.

An American citizen is a person born in the United States or to US citizens who are in a foreign country.

A person who moves from one country to another to live is called an immigrant.
How can an immigrant become an American citizen?
They go through naturalization and sign an oath. Take a test and pass.

One right that American citizens have is the right to run for public office. What does this mean?

They can run for a position that makes decisions for the citizens. Ex: governor, representatives, president, etc.

List 4 rights that American citizens have. (Clue: Bill of Rights)
1. Freedom of speech and religion
2. Right to carry a gun
3. Right to due process
4. Right to a jury

A Citizen’s Responsibility

Name 2 things that citizens HAVE TO do
1. Obey laws
2. Pay taxes

Name 3 things that citizens SHOULD DO:
1. Public service (volunteering)
2. Vote
3. Respect the Rights of Others

Name 2 OTHER roles of citizen can take:
1. Serve on a jury
2. Serve in military

Ways to Show Good Citizenship

1. Public service
2. Respect for others’ personal property/rights
3. Vote!!!
4. Patriotism

Key Terms

Patriotism is loving your country and being respectful of it.

A nation is a group of people under a single government

International---concerning MORE than one nation

Trade is an exchange of goods and services.

Diplomacy involves representatives of countries meeting to try to resolve differences peacefully.

The difference between peace and conflict is peace is getting along and conflict is disagreeing

A treaty is an agreement made among two or more parties for peace.

Interdependence is when we depend on other nations for things. And they depend on us also.

The United Nations is an organization made up of representatives whose main goal is peace.

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