Week 16 Government Part 8

Political Parties Brainpop
Voting Brain Pop

Election Study Guide

1. An election is an event when people make a choice between two or more people, things, and/or topics.

2. The election of the president is a year long process.

vState convention to national conventions to final candidate selection to citizen election for President and Vice President to electoral college vote to inauguration

Voting Requirements

3. A US citizen must be 18 years old and a registered voter.

Political Parties

4. A political party is a group of people with common political beliefs and goals.

5. The three main political parties in the United States is the Republican Party, Democratic Party, and Independent Party

6. A ballot is a sheet of paper which has a list of candidates or issues.

Day 1
TLW complete the study guide on Elections and Voting while viewing the PPT presentation.
H. Make flash cards of the information.
Day 2
TLW view Brainpop on Voting and Political Parties

H. Pass out poll sheets and review the information below.
Day 3
TLW complete a flipchart as a class http://www.prometheanplanet.com/server.php?show=ConResource.15712

When a poll is taken, it means that people are being asked about their opinions on a topic. This information can be used to help a candidate know what is important for voters. For example, a poll might ask people in a community if they would rather havae a new airport or a new college built near their homes. If more people said that they wanted a new airport, then the candidate can tell people that he or she will vote to build one.

We have a take home sheet to help you conduct a poll of family members. Be sure to return the sheet so that you can add your family members' opinions to the class poll. when everyone has returned their family polls, you can graph and discuss the overall results.

Ask each family member his or her opinion about what is the most important thing that can help children learn. Write down the total in the space below for each choice. Each person can only state one opinion. ( quiet place to study) ( clear directions) ( interesting books) ( paying attention) (practicing skills) (tutoring)

Complete the poll worksheet. Then create a graph of class results. Answer the following questions after completing the graph:
1. Which category did people think was the most important for learning?
2. Which category did people think was the least important for learning?
3. do you agree with most people about what is the most important item needed for learning? Why or why not?

Day 4
TLW complete one of the activities given in the hard copy packet.

Day 5

Election Facts: What the Constitution says:

The constitution is the document, that lists the laws that govern the United States. Here are some basic facts to know about national elections.

- Representatives go to Washington, d.C., to make and vote on laws. Representatives are chosen by state voters every two years.

- Representatives must be at least 25 years old, United States citizens for seven years, and live in the state they represent.

- senators, who also go to Washington,D.C., to mae and vote on laws, are chosen by state voters every six years.

- Senators must be at least 30 years old , United States citizens for nine years, and live in the state they represent.

- The president must be at least 35 years old, a natural-born citizen, and have lived within the United Sates for 14 years.

- The president chooses the vice president.

- The person who will become president is chosen every four years.

- The president can only serve two terms, or eight years.

- Citizens of the United States are permitted to vote no mattter what their race, color, or gender ( male or female ).

- Citizens of the United States are permitted to vote at age 18.

Voting Glyph

Students will draw bubble letters that spell the word "Vote".

Follow the directions.
1. If you think it is important to vote, color the "V" red.
If you think it is not important to vote, color the "V" blue.

2. If you are a girl, draw ten green circles on the "O". If you are a boy draw ten orange circles on the "O".

3. I fyou have ever gone with an adult to vote, color the "T" yellow. If you have never gone with an adult to vote, color the "T" purple.

4. If you like watching the news on television, draw then red hearts on the "E". If you do not like watching the news on television, draw ten hearts blue on the "E".

Our Elected Officials
Fill in the blanks below with the names of your elected officials. you may need to use reference materials such as books, the Internet or magazines.

Our country:
vice President"

Our State:
Lt. Governor

Our community:
Council person:
Council person:
Other Elected Officials:

The White House
The White House is in Washington, D.C. it is where the president lives and works. Sometimes it is called the Executive mansion. An architect named James Hoban designed the White House. The first stone of the building called the cornerstone was laid in 1792. George Washington never lived in the White House. John Adams and his family were the first family to live there. Abigail Adams hung laundry in the empty East Room. During the War of 1812, the White House was burned by the British soldiers. Only the walls were left standing. When it was rebuilt the gray walls were painted white to hide the marks of the fire. it has been known as the White House ever since. Over the years the White House has had many changes. in the 1940s the inside was completely remodeled. The outside has changed very little. You may go on a tour of the White House. A guide will show you the rooms on the main floor. The upper floors are the private living quarters of the president and his family.

Answer these questions
1. Where is the White House?
2. Who lives in the White House now?
3. Who designed the White House?
4. What is a cornerstone?
5. Which president was the first to live in the White House?
6. What color were the original walls?
7. Who burned the White House?
8. When was the inside of the White House remodeled?
9. What is another name for the White House?
10. How can you see the main rooms of the White House?