Week 4: Landforms

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1. A natural feature on Earth’s surface, such as a mountain or a river is called a landform .
2. Region is an area in which places share similar characteristics. Places within a region may share certain landforms
3. A very high landform often with steep sides is a mountain.
4. A plain is a large area of mostly flat land that is often covered with grass.
5. A desert is an area that gets very little rain.
6. A canyon is deep valley with steep rocky walls.
7. A large, flat, raised area of land is a plateau.
8. A line or natural feature that divides one area fro another or one state from another is a ­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­boundary.
9. There are5 regions in the United States. They are the west, midwest, northeast, southeast, southwest.
10. Where is the best place to live? It depends on the needs and skills of a person. People who live on or near plains are
mostly farmers. They use the land to grow crops to make a living.

TTW review notes on land forms with teacher made flip chart: http://bit.ly/MCwcG
TLW review the pg. 16-17 worksheet from last week.
TLW review notes on land forms with teacher made flip chart. http://bit.ly/pj58o
TLW view demo on interactive map: and draw samples on a student map of U.S. http://bit.ly/1hpxmz
TLW view brainpop jr. on land forms: http://bit.ly/3TjXLN

TLW review and discuss notes on teacher made flip chart.
Review and discuss More information on land forms: http://bit.ly/yO9O4