Week 5 Weather and climate
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Week 5
  1. Weather is the condition of the air at a certain time and a certain place.
  2. The weather of a place averaged over a long period of time is the climate.
  3. Two major factors of weather & climate are: precipitation, temperature.
  4. Water that falls is called precipitation in the form of rain or snow.
  5. Moisture in the air is humidity.
  6. Three quarters of earth’s surface is covered by water.
  7. The most important factor in determining the climate of a place is its location.
  8. Three factors that affect weather are: elevation, distance from the equator, distance from a large body of water.
  9. Elevation is how high a place is above sea level.
  10. The four types of climates in the United States are tropical, temperate, subarctic, and polar.
  11. Tropical climates are usually very warm and are nearest the equator.
  12. Subarctic climates are closer to the North Pole and are in the mountains.
  13. Temperate climates are between tropical and subarctic and near an ocean.
  14. The coldest climate is polar and is further from the equator.